What should I expect for my first sound healing session?

This ancient healing modality will change how you look at a singing bowl forever. Your experience with Brother Andrew or one of our other Sound Vibration Therapists may be different every session. Like a well-orchestrated massage, this will put you in a “cloud of sound”. This treatment can help you relax, focus on your intention, let go of anger or depression, heighten your awareness, balance chakras, aid in healing, and so much more. When you lie down on a table that is covered in soft textured fur, your body is surrounded by Tibetan Singing Bowls. The bowls are aligned with the seven major chakras of the body and positioned on the table to have the greatest effect in clearing and aligning them. Your practitioner will hear how the bowls are affected by your energy and know where you are out of alignment; helping the body through sound vibration (not touch) achieve harmony and alignment. When our bodies are out of alignment – or put another way, out of balance or dis-ease, we receive signals of discomfort or pain. The bowls true potential for healing reveals something different to everyone. We welcome all questions and offer a free session to everyone to honor this ancient practice

How do the bowls work?

Singing bowls vibrate and make sounds that are naturally and scientifically appealing to the mind and body. This causes and allows the molecules of water in the body to align. Allowing the body and mind to focus on healing.

How long does a private session last?

Usually 45 to 90 minutes

Where are the Bowl Performances being held?

Performances can be held almost anywhere. At home, in a park, office, yoga studio, bookstore, library, or event center.

Is there anything I need to bring to a performance?

This can vary. A yoga mat, blanket, meditation pod or folding chair. This depends on if the event is indoor or out and what is most comfortable for you.

Does this help with alleviating stress?